Researchers at Michigan State University have discovered a frighteningly easy—and inexpensive—way to spoof mobile fingerprint scanners.

All that’s needed to perform the operation, Biometric Update reports,  is a standard inkjet printer, some conductive  silver ink and a special type of photograph paper that can be easily obtained by consumers.

The entire process takes about 15 minutes. It involves photographing a target user’s fingerprint, mirroring the image  and printing it onto the paper using the special silver ink. If done correctly, it’s capable of  reproducing large numbers of spoofed fingerprints.

Researchers claim to have successfully used this technique to unlock the widely-used Samsung Galaxy S6 and Huawei Honor 7 smartphones. They have had mixed results when testing the iPhone 5s.

Understandably, this development is causing a great deal of panic in the mobile community, and users and security experts alike are now putting pressure on mobile manufacturers to fast track anti-spoofing technologies. But it will take a great deal of time and research before any real progress is made.

Instead of waiting for an anti-spoofing solution to hit the market, you should instead look into a stronger type of mobile security technology that is available: voice biometric identity verification.

Voiceprints, after all, are virtually hack-proof due to their complexities. Scanning a voiceprint is not like analyzing a fingerprint. There are many different identifying factors which can be taken into account like tone, speed and pitch. Each point needs to be spot-on in order for access to be granted. It’s virtually impossible for a hacker to accurately mirror all of  the different components at the same time.

So if your company is currently using mobile fingerprint scanners, don’t panic. Simply back them  up, or replace them, with a voice-based mobile identity verification solution.

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