Chances are likely you may not be aware of Gyft, a California-based startup that allows customers to send digital gift cards to friends and family members. The company provides a handy service not undeserving of positive press.

Unfortunately, the first thing that holiday shoppers saw this year when Googling Gyft is a negative headline about a data breach.

According to Krebs on Security, cyberthieves recently targeted Gyft, asking certain customers to submit to unauthorized password resets. Following the incident, Gyft confirmed that hackers successfully acquired usernames and passwords, and forced password resets for customer accounts. As of right now, there is no telling how many customers were affected as the information has not yet been made public by Gyft. All affected accounts are being closely monitored for fraud attempts.

It’s a sad story indeed, as it’s one that could easily have been prevented by taking appropriate security precautions. The incident is a stark reminder that username and passwords are outdated security measures, and that businesses should instead be looking to next-generation technologies like voice biometrics to protect end-user accounts.

If Gyft had been using voice biometrics, for instance, hackers would have been unable to access accounts even following a reset. That’s because a voice biometrics engine will only grant access to a confirmed end-user voiceprint. Voice biometrics is spoof-proof, as it measures a variety of different factors in a voiceprint, and thus cannot easily be hacked.

So moving further into 2016, make sure your business does not wind up the victim of a data breach. Secure your mobile applications with voice biometrics! Click here to learn more.

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