There is growing concern among security experts that voice biometric identity verification can be spoofed and is not secure enough to protect businesses and consumers from sophisticated hackers.

A group of researchers at the University of Eastern Finland, for instance, recently made the claim that voice recognition systems can be easily spoofed due to a lack of robust security features. According to the University of Eastern Finland, voice recognition systems “generally aren’t efficient yet in recognizing voice modifications.”

This may be true for some commercial voice biometric identity verification solutions, but not VoiceVault.

VoiceVault’s  voice biometric engine, used to power all of our solutions, contains embedded fraud detection capabilities. The software was specially designed to ensure detect and prevent fraudulent voice samples from incorrectly granting access to a device or application.

For example, each of our offerings contain advanced replay and synthetic speech detection capabilities to detect audio that has been fraudulently obtained. Audio that has been modified; spliced together from more than one voice sample; and generated from speech synthesis can also be detected.

Just how effective is VoiceVault’s voice biometrics engine in preventing fraudulent authentications? In a benchmark test of 10 million calls, VoiceVault was able to verify 99.98 percent of fraudulent attempts.

What’s more, VoiceVault recommends that voice biometric identity verification solution should be used as part of a larger multifactor authentication strategy. Voice e biometrics, in other words, can be used alongside technologies like fingerprint, iris and face scanners as well as traditional authentication methods like passwords, security questions and personal identification numbers (PINS). The belief is that the more authentication options that you provide for users, the harder it will be to hack an account.

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