The digital user experience is now a top concern for financial service customers, including customers utilizing cryptocurrency. Customers need to be able to move in and out of their accounts and make transactions without a hitch.

When the user experience is affected, customers get upset — and may seek out competitors offering solutions that are more operationally sound.

This example recently came up when news broke about Las Vegas cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex.  Customers have been complaining that they are having problems withdrawing money from their accounts — and that Bittrex isn’t being very helpful in resolving their issues.

This problem has been going on for about a month now.

As explained in Business Insider, the problem is related to Bittrex’s multifactor identity verification system. Bittrex currently asks users for two-step verification when making transactions. There is an initial prompt for identity followed by an enhanced verification that requires submitting a passport, government ID or selfie.

As of right now, it’s still not clear what is causing the issue. However, it’s an important lesson for cryptocurrency and financial service providers alike:

If you are going to offer multifactor authentication for your customers, it’s critical to implement a high quality — and fail proof— solution that will not interfere with customers when they are making transactions. Authentication needs to be secure, and convenient.

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