If there’s one thing contact center managers everywhere can agree on, it’s that consumer fraud is a major problem.

As more retail stores continue to migrate to the use of EMV chip technology, making fraudulent point-of-sale purchases more challenging, criminals are searching for new avenues to commit theft. Very often they turn their attention to telephone-based purchases, taking advantage of the weaknesses inherent in CNP transactions.

Armed with stolen credit cards, fraudsters call contact centers to get account balances and other data before using the cards to make purchases. For this reason, call centers around the world are a hotbed for fraudulent activity. According to Payments Source, CNP fraud has spiked globally since EMV migration kicked in, with instances more than doubling in the U.K. and Canada, and increasing more than 200 percent in Australia.

In an effort to protect both their customers and their data, businesses around the world are more frequently implementing voice biometric identification as part of a multi-factor authentication strategy. Identified as a key piece of any serious fraud prevention strategy, particularly among leading financial institutions, voice biometrics can help stop fraud before it starts.

VoiceVault can support your security efforts no matter where you are located. Our solution for mobile applications, ViGo, is currently used in many countries to address the increasing number of fraudsters using mobile devices. ViGo is capable of supporting any language, such as Portuguese, Mexican Spanish, Korean, and Mandarin Chinese.

If you are located outside the U.S. and would like to find out more about our product’s multi-language capabilities or discuss a more advanced call center solution, feel free to contact us. We’re committed to making caller authentication faster and easier in any language, reducing fraud-related losses around the globe.

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