Take a Unified Approach to Mobile Voice Biometrics

Right now, many IT managers are currently at a loss looking for reliable alternatives to the traditional password—which makes VoiceVault’s new ViGo solution a can’t miss product for 2014.

As VoiceVault pointed out in the recent “Unified Approach to Mobile Voice Biometrics” white paper, voice biometric mobile identity verification is a natural fit for mobile apps due to the fact that it allows a user to speak directly into a smartphone or tablet to gain access to an application, confirm a transaction or obtain sensitive information. It is a non-binding approach that gives users a choice over the type of security they want to use. For instance, if a user wants to use passwords, they still can. But for those that do not want to, there is now a viable, cost-effective alternative.

VoiceVault is unique in that it takes a unified approach to user settings and services in an enterprise mobile app. In other words, whether your enterprise wants to use the ViGo mobile identity verification solution to log into an app or authorize a transaction, the security goals will use the same system infrastructure regardless. And the off-the-shelf settings will allow you to meet all of your needs without having to invest too much time in understanding the underlying nature of voice biometrics—so anyone can benefit, from novice to expert.

Access your free copy of the VoiceVault white paper today and learn the top three benefits of voice biometrics.

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