VoiceVault Named Star Performer by Speech Technology Magazine

Recently, Speech Technology Magazine released its list of companies who are key influencers in the speech industry. And VoiceVault, a leading provider of voice biometric identity verification, was named as a Star Performer.

VoiceVault was bestowed the Star Performer award for its ability to improve company performance as well as the end user experience. In receiving the award, it joins an exclusive list of recipients including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google, as well as 10 other companies who are working to make speech a mainstream technology.

One of the biggest reasons VoiceVault was named as a Star Performer is the success of its recently-released ViGo platform, the first biometric platform developed for use with a mobile application.

As the number of mobile threats increases across the Web, and sales for mobile devices increase, the voice recognition market is thriving. In fact, it will reach an estimated $113.2 billion by 2017. And VoiceVault is leading the pack of innovators in this field.

“Organizations want to use voice biometrics in their mobile apps to deliver secure convenience, and they want to be able to integrate it in the simplest and quickest way possible,” explained VoiceVault VP of Sales and Marketing Julia Webb. “ViGo is responding to this need by providing a standardized out-of-the box solution that cuts time to market and [fulfills] organizational resource needs with a complete voice biometrics package.”

The 2014 Speech Industry Awards will be presented as part of the opening reception for the SpeechTEK conference, August 18 in New York City. In addition to receiving the award, VoiceVault will be presenting a general session during the three-day event as well. On Tuesday, August 19, VoiceVault’s Julia Webb will deliver a presentation titled “Voice Biometrics: 3 Production-Mobile App Deployments,” which will showcase the stories of three new voice biometric applications being used in the healthcare and financial industries. The presentation will talk about their journey from qualification, through launch and into the global market.


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VoiceVault’s Voice Biometrics to Support Mandarin Chinese Language

Right now mobile usage is exploding in China. The country has more than 1.2 billion mobile subscriptions, and in 2013, it boasted a 165.4 percent e-mobile YoY growth rate. With the number of China’s mobile subscribers continuing to grow, the demand for Mandarin-based mobile identity verification solutions is also increasing. Companies that are building Chinese apps need a way to protect end users from the growing list of threats related to theft and hacking.

VoiceVault is thrilled to announce that it can now help Chinese application developers bolster security efforts in the software they create with its voice biometric solution, ViGo, which is now the world’s first biometric solution capable of being used in conjunction with the Mandarin Chinese language. Using VoiceVault, all an end user has to do is speak a short phrase into a mobile device and the software will verify his or her identity. The language specificity is necessary in voice biometrics recognition.

One of the best parts about VoiceVault’s announcement is that the company also revealed its plans to further increase the number of languages with which ViGo will be compatible. By successfully creating a voice biometrics solution capable of supporting a character-based language, VoiceVault is paving the way for expansion into similar languages that, previously, were difficult to integrate with voice recognition software.

“This is a great step forward for the voice biometrics industry,” said VoiceVault CTO Tim Furnell, commenting on the announcement. “We’re excited to be working with Chinese organizations on mobile app development projects in Mandarin.” With voice biometric challenges overcome, Furnell stated that delivering text-prompted Mandarin Chinese identity verification is simple, straightforward and secure.

Click here to read the official press release.

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ViGo, One of the Hottest New Authentication Solutions: Mobile ID World Interview Recap

These days, business executives everywhere are looking for strong authentication solutions to protect sensitive information across mobile user end points. The days of relying solely on passwords, PINs and security questions to protect data are coming to an end. Voice-based mobile identity verification software is a great choice, and one of the hottest new strong mobile authentication solutions around, explains Peter O’Neill, president of industry news hub Mobile ID World. And VoiceVault is one company pioneering this space.

Recently, VoiceVault Vice President of Marketing Julia Webb sat down with O’Neill to discuss how VoiceVault is revolutionizing the industry with its mobile voice recognition software. Webb spoke of VoiceVault’s new ViGo solution, which is 100 percent focused on mobile, and is now being deployed by top global banks and Fortune 500 organizations across the world.

“We are very excited about ViGo,” explains Webb. “It provides a complete voice biometrics ecosystem to facilitate the inclusion of voice biometrics in mobile apps. What that means is we are providing developer-friendly resources for rapid application development.” From the healthcare industry and public sector to the video game industry, ViGo is helping developers create secure applications capable of authenticating users on a variety of devices, including Google Glass. According to Webb, ViGo is leading VoiceVault into new industries it had not previously explored.

“…We started with financial services and healthcare and now there are applications of voice biometrics in apps for things like data security…and turning your smart device into a credential—so things we might not necessarily have thought of in the mobile domain.”

Curious about learning more about where ViGo is headed? Click here to read the interview.


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Check out the New VoiceVault Website

Here at VoiceVault, we constantly strive to provide the best experience possible for our end users. With this in mind, we’re very excited to roll out our new website which we feel will provide an easier browsing experience for customers.

Recently, we were able to track down our Vice President of Product Marketing, Nik Stanbridge, who provided a few words on why we decided to shake things up. As Stanbridge explained, the VoiceVault brand is in a state of flux, and the website was designed to mirror the exciting changes that the company is going through. He pointed to our newest mobile identity verification solution, ViGo, as one of the key drivers for this change.

“Our strategy has been evolving and with the launch of the new ViGo mobile platform, we felt that the time was right to make this a core strategic focus and of course we needed to update the website to reflect this,” Stanbridge said.

Stanbridge also commented on VoiceVault’s important relationship with software developers, and spoke about how the website will fortify that relationship by acting as a valuable resource.

“Supporting the developer community is key to the success of our ViGo product launch and we are using this as an opportunity to upgrade the way that we support developers using our technology and products,” he said. “We now provide a central resource specifically for developers that includes access to ViGo-specific mobile sample code as well as a wealth of supporting material.”

It’s this transformation into a learning resource that Stanbridge believes will differentiate VoiceVault from other brands in the mobile security and convenience space. According to Stanbridge, this will transition VoiceVault into the clear market leader in mobile voice biometrics.

“We are the first organization in this space to launch a product that is 100% focused on mobile and delivers the complete voice biometric ecosystem,” he said. “Customers will be able to see via our new website a clear focus on mobile voice biometrics and the rapid time to market that it brings.”

When browsing the website for yourself, be sure to look for the exciting new features such as the announcement of the new ViGo mobile voice biometrics platform. A short video highlighting the benefits of ViGo in mobile apps as compared to passwords is also available as well as an iPhone demo app.

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Voice Biometric Engine Handles Over 1 Billion Sessions

We’ve been doing some work with Microsoft recently to prove out that our voice biometric engine scales to handle over 1 billion voice biometric authentication sessions a year.

This is a significant initiative for us as it further establishes VoiceVault as an industry leader providing enterprise solutions that meet organizational goals of scalability, availability, and audit trailing. We can now say that we have the voice biometric engine scalability metric designed in to our solutions.  With the ability to handle a 1 billion biometric session throughput rate, we’re delivering customer cost savings as less hardware is needed to achieve identity verification response time goals.

The high volume capacity is enabled by Microsoft SQL Server 2012, a key architecture component of VoiceVault voice biometric identity verification solutions.

As our CTO said “Identity verification is a key component in enterprise solutions and our customers expect it to perform at the highest levels. We’re proud to be working with Microsoft in ensuring that our voice biometric engine is never a bottleneck.”

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Phrase Voice Verification Launched

We’re putting the final touches to our new phrase voice verification mode for voice biometric identity verification ready for a release in the next few weeks. This will deliver a new way of implementing voice biometrics that uses sentences and phrases instead of just words and digits to verify someone’s identity. The phrases can be pretty much anything (6-10 words long is ideal) and be in any language. Typical sentences are:

  • VoiceVault knows me by the sound of my voice
  • Oranges and lemons are citrus fruits
  • There are twenty-four hours in a day
  • We breathe air, drink water and eat food

We are providing our passphrase voice biometrics in three different modes: what we’re calling common, closed and open. Their differences just relate to how the phrases are used and what the voice biometric engine knows about the words in them.

  • Common means that all users share the same phrase
  • Closed means the voice biometric engine knows the words in the phrase and the individual user will either choose a phrase from a selection provided to them, or will have an individual phrase given to them.
  • Open is where a user can say any words in any language and the system doesn’t know what the words or language are.  The phrase is completely secret and known only to them.

Excitingly, our phrase voice verification mode will be language independent, which is going to make enterprise-wide global deployments so much easier for our customers.


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