Key Take-aways From VBC SF 2014

The need for voice biometrics has reached a critical stage, as high-profile security attacks are intensifying in volume and severity. Business leaders everywhere are now looking for strong authentication solutions to reduce fraud and restore consumer confidence in the ability of private organizations to safeguard sensitive information. This theme took center stage at the recent VBC SF 2014 (Voice Biometrics Conference 2014) at San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel, an information-filled two-day event that addressed the latest happenings in the voice biometrics industry. Here are some of the key take-aways:

The future looks bright for voice biometrics: Senior Analyst and Founder of Opus Research Dan Miller kicked things off by taking attendees “beyond the basics” of voice biometrics, diving into the tremendous security impact that voice biometrics are now creating. …. Miller outlined the exciting potential for the industry, highlighting how eight out of 10 consumers now view voice biometrics positively. Miller also spoke about how the industry will reach $750 million by 2015 due to licenses, professional services and transactions.

According to Miller, phone-based threats are growing in severity but voice biometrics is more than capable of stopping them. Technology has reached the tipping point for strong identification, authentication and authorization solutions.

Key take-away: Have a BYOD identity problem in your enterprise? Then voice biometrics is one of the best ways to ensure mobile identity verification for employees.

Banks are using voice biometrics: Right now Mexico’s Banco Santander is using voice recognition software to authenticate more than 3 million monthly calls in its two contact centers. Voice biometrics helps the bank verify sales, collections and general customer service. As Banco Santander’s conference presentation demonstrated, banks are looking for voice solutions that are affordable, customer-friendly, efficient and secure.

Key take-away: Banco Santander customers are ecstatic because they do not have to remember PINs. Voice biometrics makes it easy to verify a customer’s identity.

Biometrics are still evolving: VoiceVault Executive Vice President of U.S. Sales and Marketing Julia Webb took part in a key executive panel titled “Where We’re At and Where We’re Going.” The panel highlighted how biometrics has evolved from a basic technology into one of the brightest and most promising solutions for securing home electronics, contact centers, mobile commerce and automotive marketplaces—and it’s still evolving.

Key take-away: New uses are being thought of for biometrics every day. As biometrics become more popular, they will continue to revolutionize the way that consumers interact with mobile devices.

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VoiceVault Headed to Voice Biometrics Conference 2014

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for corporations to ensure mobile identity verification and end user authentication. As a result, an increasing number of executives are turning to voice biometrics for an affordable, trusted method of ensuring secure commerce across the enterprise. In fact, more than 40 million people across the globe are now using voice biometrics. And all signs indicate this number will continue to grow in the near future. On May 14, business leaders from around the world will converge on San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel for the 2014 Voice Biometrics Conference (VBC SF 2014).

Voice Biometrics Conference 2014 is a two-day conference that will provide attendees with the most cutting-edge voice biometrics solutions for high-profile industries such as finance, government and law enforcement. Also represented will be the telecommunications industry as well as hosted service providers, mobile devices and consumer electronics.

VoiceVault is excited to announce it will be attending VBC SF 2014 as a platinum sponsor. VoiceVault will showcase its new ViGo mobile identity verification platform, one of the most affordable and user-friendly solutions on the market. With a unified approach to voice biometrics, ViGo can be easily implemented directly into the existing framework of an application, which saves developers time and money. Enterprises can use ViGo to establish secure connections in the contact center or over mobile devices.

Attendees at VBC SF 2014 should make sure to catch VoiceVault’s Executive Vice President of U.S. Sales and Marketing Julia Webb as she takes part in an executive panel titled “Where We’re At and Where We’re Going.” This exciting discussion will show how voice biometrics have has evolved into one of the leading methods for ensuring mobile commerce, home electronics and automotive marketplace security. The panel will take place from 4:15-5 PM on May 15.

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VoiceVault to Host Webinar on Mobile Authentication

The mobile industry has reached a critical stage, as cyber security has become of paramount importance. According to Kaspersky Lab, in 2013 mobile security reached “new heights,” and attained a new level of maturity in regard to the quantity and quality of threats. Now, these threats are accelerating and continuing to cause problems for corporations.

In response, strong authentication is becoming a major concern in the e-commerce industry. Mobile devices are now playing an integral part in monetary transfers and the communication of sensitive information, and so executives are searching for advanced means of authentication apart from traditional passwords and PINs.

In this time of uncertainty in the mobile industry, voice biometrics provide a viable and affordable alternative to outdated identity verifications solutions. While passwords can be hacked and security questions can be lifted, voiceprints are safe, reliable and accurate – and they are easy to install on end-user devices.

If you are an executive at a firm looking for ways to bolster security in your enterprise, you should join VoiceVault for a special webinar on April 29, titled “Voice Biometrics: The Benefits of a Unified Approach to Mobile Authentication.” This webinar will touch on key points such as the need for a stronger link between individuals and enterprises, the basics of voice biometrics, and why a unified approach to design and deployment can save time and money. The webinar will also discuss how users can gain experience using a unified voice biometric product. This discussion will be moderated by Senior Analyst and Founder of Opus Research, Dan Miller, as well as VoiceVault’s Vice President of Product Marketing, Nik Stanbridge.

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VoiceVault Heads South to ITEXPO to Talk Mobile Security

On Jan. 28-31, industry leaders from across the telecommunications space will take a break from winter and head south to sunny Miami to take part in ITEXPO, a four-day conference designed to highlight the technological and business opportunities catapulting the industry forward.

Despite the excitement surrounding the growth of the telecommunications industry, however, there is the ongoing threat of digital security that dampens the mood. The fact is that digital security is now a major concern for companies that have already implemented or are in the process of implementing bring your own device (BYOD) policies. In fact, 2014 is expected to be the year that mobile malware really takes off. While malware has been present on smartphones over the past few years, industry experts are predicting that 2014 will be an especially difficult year. Therefore, a great number of companies now require solutions for thwarting attacks. In fact, the BYOD movement will depend heavily on advanced security options moving forward.

In response, VoiceVault will be on hand at ITEXPO to showcase its mobile voice biometrics security solutions. VoiceVault provides voice recognition technology that enterprises can use to safeguard mobile apps and databases from attackers. Much as the Apple Touch ID sensor does not allow access to a mobile device without an exact fingerprint match, voice biometrics require a user’s identification before granting permission to enter. It is a quick and affordable solution meant to enhance multifactor security options and protect sensitive information from unauthorized users.

Conference attendees should make sure to stop by the collocated SmartVoice Conference (Tuesday, Jan 28, 12pm) to see Julia Webb participate in the panel discussion titled “Voice Biometrics-My Voice is My Passport.” Attendees will learn about how voice biometrics can improve productivity and save money while bolstering security with voice recognition software.

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VoiceVault Brings Mobility Expertise to London’s Voice Biometrics Conference

Just a few weeks ago on Nov. 6, voice biometric leader VoiceVault joined top experts and analysts from across the industry at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel for the key two-day Voice Biometrics Conference 2013.

Aimed at showcasing voice biometric opportunities and solutions, Voice Biometrics Conference 2013 directly addressed the challenges that industries across the world are currently facing when it comes to conducting safe transactions and communication while enhancing the customer user experience. Government agencies, law enforcement, telcos and financial services are just some of the industries looking for ways to mitigate mobile-based fraud and deliver convenient solutions to their customers.

As a solution to this problem, businesses are increasingly turning to voice biometric security for the purpose of bolstering user verification. As was explained at the conference, this technology is quickly receiving a ground-swell of support, as evidenced by the fact that the identities of more than 35 million people across the globe are now protected with voice biometric solutions.

VoiceVault Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Julia Webb was on hand at the conference to showcase how voice biometrics are now a widely adopted mobile identity verification solution being used at the highest level of business. As an example of the effectiveness of voice biometrics, Webb pointed out how in 2013 a top five global U.S. bank deployed a VoiceVault solution as part of its multi-factor approach to application login and the countersigning of money transfers. Money transfers and peer-to-peer payments are key examples of how the financial industry is currently benefitting from mobile identity verification technology.

Due to the growing popularity of voice biometrics, it is expected that more and more businesses will begin to implement the technology in the coming months and years. In fact, recent research conducted by the Biometrics Research group predicts that the global biometrics market will expand to $15 billion by 2015—up from the estimated value of $7 billion in 2012. In this regard, one of the most exciting parts of the conference was an executive panel which analyzed where the technology has been, where it currently is and where it is going. VoiceVault CTO Tim Furnell took part in the discussion of how voice biometrics have evolved from a burgeoning technology into a security solution now spreading into the home electronics, automotive and mobile ecommerce industries.

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VoiceVault delivers a mobile message at SpeechTEK 2013

Now that the dust has settled from a very successful SpeechTEK event for us in New York, we can share with you an interview with our VP of Sales and Marketing, Julia Webb.

In the interview, you’ll hear Julia talking about how we’re promoting the use of voice biometrics for identity verification and also, crucially, how VoiceVault is supporting mobile app development initiatives. Something we are very proud of.

VoiceVault’s Julia Webb: The SpeechTek 2013 Interview from Steve Nathans-Kelly on Vimeo.

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Personalization and control in the connected home

In the connected home, that’s going to include the internet of things, it’s highly important that not everyone gets to control everything. Who do you want to control your intruder alarm?  To control your heating system? To access your TV preferences? Using voice biometrics, you can identify household members and restrict command and control to the right people.

We’ve just returned from the Voice Biometrics Conference in San Francisco where we demonstrated how it’s possible to control a TV with your voice, and have the TV perform different actions depending on who’s doing the talking. In other words, we’re able to first identify who you are from your voice and then decide what options are available to you based on who you are.  And this same idea applies to everything in your home.

Imagine being able to ‘wake up’ and control any appliance or device in your home based on who you are.  Waking up the TV, for example, will automatically set your channel preferences; and only authorized household members (ahem) will be able to buy movies.

Our voice biometric solution is part of this vision where identification and control capabilities are embedded into appliances or centralized controllers. We are working in partnership with GEO Semiconductor and SpeechFX to enable incredible new possibilities arising from the simple premise that talking to your home is a natural and desirable thing to do (instead of having to navigate menus and press buttons).

It’s personalized and embedded control of appliance commands and preferences.  Get in touch now if you’d like to see the demo.

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