In a recent post, we explained how identity management provider BioConnect is using VoiceVault’s voice biometric identity verification software to enhance its universal identity management platform.

BioConnect users can now log into multiple accounts using just their voice — providing an easy, and convenient, authentication experience that is free of passwords and security questions.

Last week, BioConnect showcased their solution during a demonstration at Money20/20, one of the biggest financial technology events of the year.

BioConnect VP of Strategic Marketing & Global Alliances Bianca Lopes was joined on stage by her client, whose company is directly benefiting from their product. Attendees were able to see firsthand what a voice biometric-based login looks like.

Lopes also spoke about the need for identity management solutions that are agnostic of modality, device and identity. She explained how consumers today want to be able to authenticate using any device and modality. So merchants, banks, fintech startups and gateway companies need to be able to offer seamless authentication across multiple channels.

We recommend that you watch the brief presentation below, as it will give you a better overview of how companies are using voice biometrics to improve the login experience.

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