As we begin 2018, it’s a good time to stop and reflect on all that’s happened over the last 12 months in the biometrics space. It’s been an exciting year, and one that has been full of exciting industry advancements.

Here are a few of our favorite headlines from 2017:

Wells Fargo CEO endorses voice biometrics: The year started off on a high note, when Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan endorsed voice biometrics while giving a presentation at the FinTech Ideas Festival. Voice biometrics was ranked as third on Sloan’s list of disruptive technologies that will change banking. It was great to see biometrics recognized as a top technology by a major global bank.

Major Bank Adopts Voice Biometrics: The financial industry again made headlines in April, when Australia’s ANZ bank announced plans to offer customers voice biometric identity verification to protect high-value transactions exceeding $1,000. Now, customers can use their voiceprint for authentication purposes. We expect more banks to follow suit in 2018.

VoiceVault releases Fusion 9: In June, VoiceVault released the latest version of Fusion 9, our leading voice biometric engine. This is the most secure and flexible voice biometrics solution that we have released yet. Fusion 9 allows customers to select from hybrid, cloud and on-device-based deployment solutions.

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